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Multi-Page Labels

Plenty of space for creativity, information, and promotion
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Multi-Page Labels

Plenty of space for creativity, information, and promotion

Booklets with over 40 pages present product information clearly and conveniently.

Leporello unfolds much space for attractive advertising, information, or entertainment.

Multi-layers bring instructions for use compactly and permanently onto the product.

Inovalabel multi-page labels offer space for

  • Multilingual product information
  • Legally required hazard warnings
  • Attractive promotion campaigns
  • Creative labeling for optimum effect at the point of sale (wobbler, neck hanger, etc.)
  • Inserts for on-pack promotions

Plenty of space for creativity, information and promotion


The most efficient way to get a lot of text into a small space.

Booklets can be applied to the product with or without a base label.

Inovalabel booklets compactly combine a variety of advantages:
• more than 40 pages for comprehensive product information
• re-closable cover sheet for permanent use
• braille overprint
• attractive text and design
• permanent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and product forms
• Register die-cutting for easy application
• Integration of security and originality features

Product Preview
Product Preview


The creative way to attractively present a lot of content.

Leporellos are fold-out leaflets, applied directly or on a base label on the product.

Inovalabel Leporello have a tangible and attractive effect directly on the product:
• Fold-out leaflet reveals the entire scope of information
• Re-closable cover sheet for permanent use
• Attractive creation of text and design
• Adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and product forms
• Ideal for on-pack promotions (inserts, coding, cross-selling, etc.) and product information


Extensive content discreetly and functionally directly on the product.

Multi-layer labels enclose several overlayed pages that can be opened and closed individually.

Inovalabel multi-layer labels are discreet yet comprehensively effective:
• Permanent placement of information directly on the product
• User-friendly opening and re-closing
• More space for attractive design
• Safe usage instructions and pictograms

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Self-adhesive labels

The perfect way to brand products.

Multi-Page Labels

Plenty of space for creativity, information and promotion.

Shrink Sleeves

The 360° decoration for powerful shapes.


A secure added value for your product.

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